Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Okay, so it's actually Tuesday. I'm still trying to figure out this schedule. I need a pop-up calendar on my computer, to tell me when things are due. Speaking of things being due, this morning I received a lovely message and I'm going to share it, because even though it's computer generated and I'm sure many other people received the same message, it clicked with me. It's so very true and I know the rest will be true. Without further ado...

You're going to miss the slow times and quiet days, Rebecca. Your anonymity, stealth, and small circle of friends. Plodding along at your own pace, working in spurts, and wondering where your next break will come from. Even your uncertainties, doubts, and fears will be missed. 

It just works like that once massive dreams start coming true. 

You'll manage just fine,
The Universe

I'm so excited to get that little bit of encouragement. I'm on schedule for Friday, the 1st to go back to my manuscript and start the editing and revision process. I've made myself take a break from it, so I can go back with fresh eyes. I was getting too overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of work that has to be done yet. However, I've broken it down into smaller, more digestible parts and having to mentally slap my hands to keep from pulling up the document or taking out my printed chapters that are there, just waiting for me to mark them all up. My highlighters and pens are all lined up, just waiting for me. And it's only Tuesday.

If you're interested in receiving you're own notes from the universe, go to www.tut.com They're free and I haven't had one yet that didn't make me smile. Today's was the best yet, for me. Peace and love to you all!

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