Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'd always thought that the scary looking creatures on the corners of older buildings were gargoyles. I was wrong. They're call grotesques. Which, I guess, is a fitting name. Regardless, I think all buildings should be required to have them. There's something about walking past a building, under these creature's watchful eye that commands respect, while at the same time gives the pedestrian a shiver of the unknown. I've watched the cartoons and seen the movies where these things come to life and wreak havoc or try to help humanity. I've read the theories about how these creatures came to be, but honestly, I don't want to know. They're horrible and disturbing. They make me think twice about the building they're perched upon, but they also make me pause and let my imagination run free. That is art.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Trees fascinate me. They are something that inspire me, though I'm really not sure why. When I'm outside I find my attention constantly drawn to them. I'm going to post a few pictures that I have saved on my computer. Maybe you'll feel the sense of magic too when you look at them.